Success Story
Delfins Beach Resort
Delfins Beach Resort accomplished three times more revenue after working with Caribious Solutions.
Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean
Hotel & Dining & Scuba-Diving
Delfins Beach Resort is the newest four-star rated resort on Bonaire. With spectacular beaches and 84 spacious apartments, it’s the perfect place to relax. For the more adventurous, the resort also offers an on-site diving school and vehicle rentals, including cars, scooters and people-movers. At night, guests can enjoy fine dining or seaside cocktails at the trendy Brass Boer Restaurant.
The Challenge
Most reservation software programs used by hotels to manage bookings does not allow for much flexibility and up-selling additional services, for example tours and local activities, to clients is not possible until they are standing at the check-in desk. Some guests prefer to book everything from flights to accommodation to activities before they leave their home. Often times, resorts cannot sell activities to non-guests, as practicality and their booking systems do not allow for this. During low season, this could be an additional means of income to attract non-guests to the resort.
Delfins Beach Resort’s Unique Challenge
The reservation system is set up only for resort accommodation, making it impossible for sales staff to sell activities and experiences with live availability. Staff are also not able to up-sell to booked guests or to entice day visits from guests booked in at other resorts.
The Solution
Caribious Solutions assisted Delfins Beach Resort by installing a widget on their website which allows clients to book extras and activities at the same time as their accommodation booking. This widget could also be used by non-guests to book activities at the resort during a day visit. Live availability tracking allows all relevant staff to remain up to date with bookings, availability and pricing. The ability for guests to book extras and activities online quickly and easily, allows the staff to up-sell these services to their clients and opens various marketing avenues.
Delfins Beach Resort became the first resort on Bonaire to sell activities to outside guests, allowing day visitors to enjoy the resort. Pre-booking activities available to guests ensures they get that perfect pool-side cabana or enroll for that diving course they always wanted to attend. An average of 60% of these guests go on to purchase additional food and beverage. The ability to sell to outside guests has opened other partnerships including combination packages through Caribious Solutions with Bonaire Kite School. Vehicles available for rent now also includes cars and people-movers, as well as the initial scooters. Day visitors often return at a later date as full guests after they have experienced all the activities that Delfins has to offer.