Success Story
Belize Caving
Belize Caving booked 25% more clients by having online payment options available.
Belize, Caribbean
Tour Operator
Belize is well known for its outdoor adventures, especially its world class caving experiences. Belize Caving, a family-run business owned by the Brothers Alfaro, specializes in caving expeditions in the Caracol, Barton Creek, Crystal Cave and the world famous Actun Tunchil Muknal Cave (ATM Cave).
The Challenge
Many tour operators based in the Caribbean and Belize struggle to set up booking management and online payment gateways simply because they are in the Caribbean. Very often, the smaller islands are not even recognized so larger credit card companies are not operational in these areas. Locals need to go through credit checks or complicated application procedures only to realize that the Caribbean is not a supported region.
Belize Caving’s Unique Challenge
Belize Adventure Trails has no online booking management system While Belize Caving already had a payment option available through Atlantic Bank, this cannot be linked to their inventory for real-time availability updates. Making payments this way is also a time-consuming, multi-step process and did not allow for clients to book and pay straightaway. In order to serve their clients more efficiently, Belize Caving were looking for a method of online payment that could run 24/7 all year round. They also wanted to offer their clients the ability to book a transfer to and from the hotel, allowing them to up-sell their services.
The Solution
Caribious Solutions is dedicated to serving Caribbean tour operators, such as Belize Caving, and over the course of 4 months, we visited them several times to discuss their challenges, specific needs, and to implement the subsequent solutions we offered them. Within several days of our first meeting, the online booking widget was installed on Belize Caving’s website allowing them to accept online payments at all times. Guests now have the choice to either book with a payment link or in real life, through Caribious Solutions’ services. We also spoke to Belize Caving about boosting their sales and together came up with a plan of attack.
Since our partnership with Belize Caving started, they have had an increase of 25% more online bookings. They've also been able to reduce administrative tasks such as invoicing and vouchers, which are now done automatically. A reduction in email requests for bookings and payments, which are now seamlessly handled through our widget, has resulted in employees being able to focus on their guests in person. The online booking and payment methods have made it possible