Success Story
Belize Adventure Trails
Belize Adventure Trails increased their overall yearly sales by offering online booking and payment.
Belize, Caribbean
Tour Operator
I am a traditionalist, I don’t want to worry about all this online marketing when I am best serving my business by being attentive to my clients. Caribious Solutions took care of everything and I am thankful for that, because I would never be able to do it! For the first time in 10 years, we have another sales stream through our online bookings and it’s been really great. We have had more overall sales this year and business is very good.
Belize Adventure Trails is located in San Ignacio and have an impressive fleet of luxury vans and transportation. The company is owned by Wilbert and his lovely wife Nathaly and over the past 10 years they have become well-respected your operators in Belize. They offer individual tours as well as multi-day treks in Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico. Their warmth and passion is evident in their business and their reputation precedes them.
The Challenge
Many tour operators in the Caribbean have a great reputation and are respected within the hospitality industry, but this is usually offline. In the online world, they are struggling to get the exposure their businesses deserve. Traditional ways of advertising such as radio and print adverts are often overlooked by foreign tourists and have very little impact. Pre-booking tours and activities online is the new normal for visiting tourists. They expect to book their hotel, rental car, and all their activities before their feet hit the sand on our shores.
Belize Adventure Trails' Unique Challenge
Belize Adventure Trails has no online booking management system and unfortunately do not have the necessary knowledge to set this up themselves. A secondary challenge came up during the project as we realized that even after online booking was available, most bookings were still coming via traditional channels. This new challenge meant that further solutions were needed such as promotions and search engine marketing where the competition is fierce. Because their digital footprint was so small, we had to start from scratch to get their rankings up.
The Solution
Initially, we set up their online booking management and payment solutions which worked seamlessly and helped them enter a new market. This new market presented its own challenges and to address these we further created a Google Ads campaign, focusing on their key target market. After some research and testing, we were able to segment their target audience and set up keyword-specific campaigns for each of these markets with real conversions. The flexibility of these online advertising campaigns allows our client to switch budgets during on- and off season whenever they choose. These campaigns not only boosted online sales, but also generated brand awareness encouraging clients to visit the store again when they were in San Ignacio.
The Google Ad campaign set up by Caribious Solutions was a great success. It yielded new online sales, increasing overall sales for the year and also increased local foot traffic to the shop, where some people wanted to book in person after seeing the ads online.